“The Clockmakers of London” – 2nd edition (2018)

This entirely new edition replaces the first 1998 edition, issued when the Clockmakers’ Museum was located at Guildhall, and which sold in many thousands. With the move of the Clockmakers’ Collection to its new home in South Kensington, the opportunity arose for a new edition, completely re-illustrated with modern high-resolution photography. The text has been substantially revised by the author and new spreads created, focussing on specific makers (East, Harrison, Tompion and Arnold). Large numbers of stunning new photographs illustrate the book, which has increased from 48 to 88 pages.

Examples of full page spreads in the new edition can be viewed by clicking the links here:-

Early Clockmaking in London

David Ramsay

Thomas Tompion

George Daniels

The famous “Star Watch”

Soft cover, 260mm x 210mm, ISBN: 978-1-5272-1974-8. More than 180 mainly colour illustrations illuminate 88. Superb colour photographs include John Harrison’s 5th Marine Timekeeper (above) and its movement, Harrison’s personal pocket watch signed “John Jefferys 1753”, clocks and watches by Tompion, Jones, Knibb, Mudge, Arnold and others, a timekeeper used by Capt. George Vancouver on his voyage of discovery to Vancouver Island, the Clockmakers’ Company’s magnificent Royal Charter and many unique manuscripts.

Table clock signed “Thomas Tompion London Fecit” of c1695

The Clockmakers of London is published by the Clockmakers’ Charity (Reg. Charity No: 275380) and all net proceeds of sales are for the account of the charity.

Price for UK delivery £15.00 incl p&p. Payment is made via PayPal. Please contact the Clerk for overseas postage rates or for any other enquiries at Clerk@clockmakers.org

The book tells the story of clock and watch making in London and of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers in succinct sections:


A very beautiful watch by the immigrant Michael Nouwen who worked in London in the 16th century

*     The importance of timekeeping
*     The beginning of clockmaking
*     The Guild system
*     Early domestic horology in England
*     Early clock making in London
*     The founding of the Clockmakers’ Company
*     Civil War
*     The application of the pendulum to clockwork
*     The Plague
*     Fire and rebuilding the City
*     The “Golden Age of English Clockmaking”
*     Perfecting the Marine Timekeeper
*     The Clockmakers’ Company in the 18th & 19th Century
*     19th Century Chronometers
*     Membership of the Company
*     The Founding of the Clockmakers’ Company Library
*     The Founding of the Clockmakers’ Company Collection
*     The Collection in the 20th Century
*     The Clockmakers’ Company today
*     Some early benefactors of the Company and some celebrated Masters
*     Bibliography

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The Clockmakers of London

New 88 page edition of “The Clockmakers of London” now published by Sir George White, with substantially revised text and a large number of stunning new illustrations. Read more about it  …. & you can buy it for £15 on this link.

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