Proposing a New Member

Proposing a new Freeman for admission to the Company

Any Liveryman or Freeman of the Company may propose a candidate for admission as a Freeman of the Company.  There are three main ways by which an individual can obtain admission to the Company, subject to the approval of the Court, by Servitude, Patrimony or Redemption.

The Proposal Form should be completed by the proposing member. Either the Proposer or the Seconder must be a Court Member. An up-to-date listing of Court Members can be found in the Clockmakers’ Livery List, which you can download here.

Completed Proposal Forms should be returned to the Clerk who will send an Application Form to the new candidate.

If the Proposer or the Candidate does not know a Court Member to second the application, the candidate will be interviewed either in London or by telephone/Skype by a member of the Company’s Selection Panel.

The Selection Panel meets quarterly to consider and recommend applications for Court approval. Successful applicants are invited to attend one of the two Admissions Courts held annually at the Lady Day Court meeting (April) and the Michaelmas Court meeting (September).

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Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

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