Welcome to our on-line shop. You can order on-line, and pay by credit or debit card via PayPal by clicking the “Add to Shopping Basket” button next to the item. Postal delivery is UK only, any overseas orders will be held for later collection or posted to a UK address. All surpluses from this on-line shop are retained by The Clockmakers’ Charity (Reg #275380) and will be used for its charitable purposes. Prices incl UK P&P 1st class. Some items are exclusively for our members and would only be supplied to them.

To view items in person, pay by an alternative method, or collect items,
please contact the Clockmakers’ office.

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Gentleman’s Attire

All Gentleman’s jewellery features the clock on the centre of the WCC Coat of Arms. Some items of jewellery can be made to special order.

Please contact the WCC Office to discuss your requirements and get a price before placing your order for items made in silver, silver-gilt, and 9 or 18 carat gold.

Clockmaker Tie

Recently updated, and made of 100% corded silk.  Only members of the Clockmakers’ Company may purchase this.

£30.00 Livery Tie

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Torpedo Cufflinks

Made in hallmarked silver with a patinated finish. Traditional torpedo and chain fittings. With presentation box.

25.5 mm2

Torpedo Cufflinks (Price on application)

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Swivel Cufflinks

Made in hallmarked silver with a patinated finish. With presentation box.

25.5 mm2

Silver Swivel Cufflinks (Price on application)

In hallmarked 9 carat gold, with presentation box. (Price on application – prices vary according to precious metal prices)

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Stick Pin / Tie Pin

Made in hallmarked silver with a patinated finish, with presentation box.

25.5 mm2

Stick Pin / Tie Pin (Price on application)

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Silver Tie Tack

Tie Tack or Lapel Badge – made in hallmarked silver with a patinated finish, and 2nd pin to stop rotation, with presentation box.

25.5 mm2

Tie Tack or Lapel Badge (Price on application)

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The Livery Badge

Available to Clockmaker Liverymen.

The Livery Badge is made in silver gilt & enamel, and bears the crest of the Clockmakers Company. It is assayed and hall-marked for London.

The Livery Badge is supplied with suspension cord and presentation box. The reverse of the badge can, at extra cost, be engraved with your name and date of admission. Please contact the Office for further information and a quote.

Diameter 51 mm. Prices include P&P in the UK.

£TBC.00 pending new supply Livery Badge

£TBC Livery Badge engraved with name and date (or as you wish)

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Ladies Attire

Ladies’ Clockmaker Brooch (in gold or silver-gilt)

Proudly wear a brooch with the Clockmakers’ Coat of Arms. Available in silver-gilt or 9 carat gold. Price on application.

Please contact the Clockmakers’ office to discuss purchase of the Ladies’ Clockmaker Brooch.

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The Clockmakers of London

New 88 page edition of “The Clockmakers of London” now published by Sir George White, with substantially revised text and a large number of stunning new illustrations. Read more about it  …. & you can buy it for £15 on this link.

Training to be a Clockmaker?

If you are looking for information about the training opportunities for a career in clock and watchmaking, see A HELPING HAND FOR STUDENTS Further details can be obtained from clerk@clockmakers.org

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers