Each year four Liverymen are appointed to hold the office of Steward for the following year. Their function is to be in attendance on the Court when summoned by the Master and look after the Court and in particular any guests of the Company who may be present. One Steward is appointed as the Silver Steward and has additional responsibilities for the Company’s Silver Collection. The appointment of Steward is an honour in itself, a mark of the regard and respect in which the Liveryman is held by the Court. It does not necessarily imply advancement to the Court.

The Stewards elected 2015 and appointed for the 2016 year are:-
Liveryman James Angus Bell
Liveryman Stephen Murray Orledge (Silver Steward)
Liveryman Teresa Jane Blaxland
Liveryman Christopher Leslie Papworth

Past Stewards

Year of Election
1968 R G Beloe, E W H Christie, T F Camerer Cuss, R R S Pennefather
1969 A R Cormack, J S Vine, F A Mercer
1970 F G Baker, E Grundy, H A Knox
1971 As for 1970
1972 W W Cope, F H Cropp, A Herbert, P E C L Richard
1973 F A Mercer, G L Morshead, J C Moss, H I E R C Stewart
1975 C B Drover, R W Elliott, B G L Jackman, J F Spencer-Jones
1976 The Hon H E Boscawen, R L Mellor, H H Newman, J C Whipps
1977 E M Bruton, A Barham Carter, M C Seligman, P M Vine
1978 F Edwards, M W Needham, Lord Tanlaw, W J Wright
1979 C Barham Carter, R H Graveson, A W Henn, M J Prince
1980 B Hutchinson, C B Lee, E W Robinson-Horley, D Siberry
1981 C Barham Carter, A W Henn, M G Hurst, Lord Murton of Lindisfarne, M J Prince, M C Seligman
1982 C R P Allix, P M Bickford-Smith, S R Gentilli, T A Mercer
1983 G H Bell, J P Boneham, C L Clarke, P J G Elliott
1984 W S G Hinds, A J L Jackman, Major D A S Pennefather, RM, J A V Richard
1985 J R Cope, B L Hurst, W P Roseman, H L Triggs
1986 Rear-Admiral Sir Edmund Irving, KBE, CB, D W Parkes, J N W Smith, JP, E J W Vaughan
1987 G W Baker, CBE, VRD, M G S Frampton, TD, P H Sweetser MBE, S J Thornton
1988 C H Elsom, CBE, M E Harding, Mrs A F Henley, G E Marsh
1989 Air Vice-Marshal P A Latham, CB, AFC, J L Mercer, Mrs E Philpot, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Tanlaw
1990 G W Cooper, H A F Crum-Ewing, R F Durlacher, Sir Michael Savory
1991 Prof A Boksenberg, FRS, PhD, G Hamp-Gopsill , M H Levy, J R Tresias
1992 The Hon. Evelyn Boscawen, M Feld, Commander W J R Pennefather, RN, B E Pestell
1993 M W Elliott, Dr. C R Lattimore, OBE, Sir Michael Sandberg, CBE, D G Williams
1994 G W Brooks, C J Hurrion, W R H Peplow, J D Read, OBE
1995 A J Marsden, J E Plaister, M M Smith, Mrs. D M Uff
1996 Mrs. J Barham Carter, J P Bond, M Feld, B W Scull
1997 L Blowes, A C H Crisford, Miss M C Millar, D K Reich
1998 Mrs S G Allix, S P Bull, D J Poole, R F Venn,
1998 T.A Cuss, D.I Rapport, M D Sanderson, J Wilding
1999 R A Bourne, J.J F Francis, E C Groom, I R M Woolf
2000 Sir Harry Djanogly CBE, A M Gayler, Her Honour Judge Ann Goddard, D. J. Pay
2001 J Betts, P Cradock, R W Still, N J Woods
2002 B Baskerville, Mrs M R Harris, A Nooten Boom, T Statham
2003 I D Adam, Mrs S A C Cohen, M R Gibbons, H C Newman
2004 D A Bell, Ms N Lawson Clarke, Cdr. P J Linstead Smith OBE RN, C H Winter
2005 N B Israel, C Maciejewski, J V Pegden QC, Mrs A A Wilson
2006 P R Corfield, Prof P E M Jarrett, Mrs A E Khurshid, Ms B Wanzenried
2007 J K Lloyd Jones, P T Priestley, P A E Reynolds, E D Woodward
2008 R P Baber, Miss J L Clarke, D J Rooney, J R Stratton
2009 J A Cuss, J E Hills, A L James, Mrs M I Lattimore
2010 J J Koullapis, D K Newman, Dr J K Williams, Mrs C H B Winter
2011 SHW Frodsham, Mrs S A Harris, J R Leech, R B Loomes
2012 Mrs A Berkley, Capt A J Gray, Ms J Migdal, R S Pedler
2013 J G D Nye, Mrs J E Pedler, K A Scobie-Youngs FBHI, R W Wren MBHI
2014 R E Sales FRSA, Mrs A Jarrett, Mrs J H Shaw, P Halsted

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NAWCC “Horology in Art” Symposium 26-28 Oct 2017

Bob Frishman has extended a special and personal invitation to WCC members to come to the NAWCC “Horology in Art” Symposium which he has organised at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston USA on 26-28 October 2017. The Clerk can provide contact details. Click the link for all information.

The Hain Sanders Research / Personal Development Award

The Clockmakers’ Company recently launched The Hain Sanders Research / Personal Development Award, the purpose of which is to assist professional clockmakers and watchmakers in the learning of new skills or enhancing their personal development, and to support scientists researching the measurement of time or a closely related project. Click here for the application form.

Installation of the new Master – Photos

Roy Harris was installed as the new Master on 24th January 2017. Click this link to see a selection of photographs taken at the event

Brigantes Breakfast in Liverpool 26 July 2017

Please follow this link for The Brigantes Breakfast for Liverymen of the City of London at St Georges Hall, Liverpool, on 26th July 2017 - 1200 for 1230, and here's the Booking Form.

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

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