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The Consultant Keeper of the Clockmakers’ Museum, Sir George White Bt, will answer your queries relating to the history of the Clockmakers’ Company, the Company’s Library and Collection, or the history of clock making in London. Sir George will also endeavour to answer specific questions about clocks and watches, and general questions concerning clockmaker genealogy.

Please include full details and photographs of the clocks and watches in question in your correspondence. Sir George can be contacted at:

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Present Day

All correspondence relating to the present day Worshipful Company of Clockmakers should be addressed to:

The Clerk
The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2BY
Telephone: 020 7998 8120



Correspondence relating to the history of the Company, the Company’s Library and Collection, or the history of clock making in London should be sent to The Consultant Keeper as below.

Please note: the Keeper has very little access to material relating to English provincial clock or watch making or horology abroad, beyond the standard published works

May we request please that before you contact the Consultant Keeper, you first consult the article “How Old is My Clock ? particularly if you are looking for information about an antiquarian clock. Thankyou.

Genealogists seeking information about their ancestors – try the City of London pages entitled “London Generations”. Also see our listings of Masters and their Apprentices.

The Consultant Keeper
The Clockmakers’ Museum


Books and Manuscripts

Correspondence relating to the accessibility of books and manuscripts held at Guildhall Library, or similar enquiries should be addressed as below.

May we request please that before you contact the Librarian, you first consult our Manuscripts and Archives page. Thankyou.

The Principal Librarian
Guildhall Library

Printed Books: 0207 332 1860
Manuscripts: 0207 332 1862

A selection of horological books is available for sale from the Guildhall Library desk:-

Guildhall Library

Telephone: 0207 332 1860

The Bridgeman Art Library

For Correspondence concerning colour photography of items in the Company’s Collection or Library:

The Bridgeman Art Library
17 – 19 Garway Road,
W2 4PH

Telephone: 0207 727 4065


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Installation of the new Master – Photos

Roy Harris was installed as the new Master on 24th January 2017. Click this link to see a selection of photographs taken at the event

Gala Concert at St Paul’s Cathedral – Tue 14th March

The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley, Honorary Liveryman of the Clockmakers' Company, is giving a special organ recital concert at 7 pm on Tuesday 14th March 2017 in St Paul's Cathedral with the cathedral choir. It is in aid of the Lord Mayor's Appeal. This promises to be a superb performance which all Clockmaker music lovers should not miss! The flyer for the event with all information and booking details is on this link.

Brigantes Breakfast in Liverpool 26 July 2017

Please follow this link for The Brigantes Breakfast for Liverymen of the City of London at St Georges Hall, Liverpool, on 26th July 2017 - 1200 for 1230, and here's the Booking Form.

The Livery Briefing – Dec 2016

The Chairman of The Livery Committee published his latest Livery Briefing in December which members of the Company may find both useful and informative. Click the link.

The Hain Sanders Research / Personal Development Award

The Clockmakers’ Company recently launched The Hain Sanders Research / Personal Development Award, the purpose of which is to assist professional clockmakers and watchmakers in the learning of new skills or enhancing their personal development, and to support scientists researching the measurement of time or a closely related project. Click here for the application form.

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

Training to be a Clockmaker?