The Company has a broad range of affiliations, including an observatory, two Royal Navy vessels and an inner-city youth organisation.



Greenwich Sea Cadets

The Clockmakers are proud to contribute towards the funding of the valuable work of the Greenwich Sea Cadets who in turn are represented at the annual Livery Dinner, and who contribute to the ceremony of the evening by providing a 'carpet guard'.

UCLO Observatory

With many Astronomers Royal as Company Masters and members throughout our history, the Clockmakers' Company is affiliated to University College London's Observatory at Mill Hill in North London. Each year, we present an award to their highest achieving student.

HMS Protector

We are affiliated to the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship HMS Protector. We present an annual award to the most promising crew member.

Protector is a hydrographic research vessel, equipped with a variety of equipment for inshore and offshore oceanographic survey supplemented with Royal Navy Hydrographical and Meteorological specialist Officers and Ratings. She is charged with the “patrol and survey of the Antarctic and South Atlantic, maintaining a Sovereign Presence with Defence Diplomacy, and support of the global community of Antarctica”.

In early 2020, Assistant Captain Tony Gray and Liveryman Robert Sales visited Protector to see her crew in action.

XIII Squadron RAF

Our newest affiliation is to XIII Squadron RAF, which is based at RAF Waddington.

XIII Squadron is the first UK-based Reaper squadron, providing real-time surveillance and reconnaissance in support of frontline troops.

We award an annual prize to the Squadron member who has displayed the greatest precision in the discharge of their primary role.

HMS Archer

HMS Archer is the lead ship of the Archer patrol boat class and is the training vessel of the Edinburgh University Royal Naval Unit (URNU).

The City and Guilds of London Institute

The Institute was founded in 1878, and financed initially by the Corporation of the City of London and Livery Companies.

The Clockmakers' Company is one of 108 Livery Companies today who have entered into Founder Membership, thus continuing to endorse the work of the Institute in education, training and development and assessment.

University College London Observatory
HMS Protector. Photo: Tony Gray
HMS Archer