Middle Temple Clocks

29 October 2022

On Saturday 29 October a group of Clockmakers embarked on a fascinating tour of Middle Temple in the City of London. While the theme of the tour was to see the clocks, which indeed we did, the tour provided an outstanding opportunity to view this historic location long associated with the legal profession and the City. The tour was organised by the Company's Social Events Panel and our clock guide was Junior Warden Robert Wren FBHI. Overall, the tour of Middle Temple was conducted by QC Ian Mayes the Master of the House of Middle Temple. His expert knowledge of Middle Temple helped inform us as the group visited some of the most magnificent oldest buildings in the complex including the round Temple Church (from c.1170), Middle Temple Hall (from c.1570), which staged the first recorded public performance of Twelfth Night. To help the tour group gain a better understanding of how the legal profession has worked for generations, QC Ian Mayes' showed us his own legal chambers. Junior Warden Robert Wren provided great insight into the clocks of Middle Temple, many of which have had 'enthusiastic Victorian restoration'. After the tour a relaxing lunch was held at The George on the Strand Pub. 

Richard Fox

Inside Temple Church with QC Ian Mayes the Master of the House of Middle Temple, (with his back to the camera), explaining the history of the church including its extensive restoration after bombing damage during the Second World War.