Jailed and Bailed

06 September 2021

Jailed & Bailed, founded in 2004, has seen more than three hundred members of the City of London jailed since, raising more than £500,000 in bail for the British Red Cross City of London Sector. This year was no exception. The Master Clockmaker reports:

Finding oneself in the Dock at the Old Bailey’s Number One Court isn’t a prospect to be lightly entertained. Except it was. Enormously entertaining. Taking part in Jailed & Bailed was a total pleasure. Nearly 30 Livery Masters volunteered to each raise a minimum of £1000 towards the Lord Mayor’s Appeal by way of Bail money resulting from the laying before the Judges [Sheriffs Haywood and Mainelli] the most grievous of charges. In my case, inter alia, wasting time and driving a Kia Optima. Found to be deeply guilty we were hauled off to the Tower of London there to render our Bail money to the Red Cross [in my case over £3000 and as a group nearly £46000]. So as to expiate our sins we were force fed bread and water. The water tasted oddly like Pol Roger champagne [event sponsors] and the bread was, I admit, augmented by some pretty delicious food in the Officers Mess of the Royal Fusiliers. It was pretty tough, I assure you, and after 2.00pm when we were released, I found that when I got home I was more than ready for a little lie down. It was a great day for a great cause with deep thanks for all those who supported me with their donations.