Jailed and Bailed

06 September 2021

The wanted felon Mark Levy, Master of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, will finally be arrested on 6th September 2021 at The Old Bailey.

Whilst awaiting his sentencing, he will be escorted to, and held at, The Tower of London, along with other Livery 'criminal masterminds'. Bail will be set at £1,000.

If Mark fails to raise the funds by the time of his arrest, he will be kept indefinitely at the same prison Anne Boleyn, William Wallace and Guy Fawkes all met their gruesome fates.

As tempting as it may be to not help Mark raise money for his release, if raised successfully, the bail will be donated to The British Red Cross, which will hopefully mean more to you than his incarceration.

All bail money raised through the Jailed & Bailed fundraiser will help support the millions of people within the UK and across the world who depend on The British Red Cross every year. For over 150 years, the charity has been a lifeline; providing physical, emotional and financial support for some of the most vulnerable people within the UK. Further afield, The British Red Cross provides humanitarian aid across the world.

It would be hugely appreciated if you could help Mark, and The British Red Cross, before he runs out of time.

The Master's Just Giving page can be found here