An Update from West Dean

05 May 2022

Rebecca Hawkridge, who is part-sponsored by the Clockmakers' Charity, has provided The Clockmaker with an update on her studies at West Dean College. Following the Foundation Degree Arts - Clocks Course (FdA), Rebecca has spent time making a single train clock. (The basic design is varied by each student). For Rebecca it was an opportunity to make a clock with a silk suspension and a recoil anchor escapement. Rebecca explains:

"Last academic year we worked on our new clock making project, however due to lockdowns, I wasn't able to finish. During this last term I finished my motionwork and have been adjusting my pendulum and block height to get it rated. As it is a silk suspension the restorative force is lacking, so there have been some power issues too. I am in the process of finalising my dial design in CAD. The aim is to have a dial that has recesses for numerals, to be filled with cold enamel. Experiments are ongoing".

Making a new motionwork post. © Photo images courtesy and copyright of Rebecca Hawkridge.
A new cannon wheel and minute wheel on a longcase clock movement
New making - three quarter view of a single train movement with a recoil anchor escapement and silk suspension - new making on test