Clocks of Clerkenwell

02 October 2022

'Twenty of us gathered in Hugh Richards’ workshop in Clerkenwell on this sunny Sunday morning. As we walked around the area stopping at various locations Ron and Robert shared their memories and stories of the shops, workshops and characters that used to be an important part of this busy horological area of London. Several members of the group also added to the story including Graham Gleave of Gleave & Co who are still trading in Clerkenwell. One of the highlights was at the former premises of Gedge & Co, where Ron told us about the days before ‘Health & Safety’ and the range and large quantities of toxic chemicals and the heady intoxicating fumes from the lacquers as you opened the door. After a couple of hours of walking and reminiscing we retired to The Sekforde for a hearty lunch and reviving drink. Afterwards as an added bonus, Matthew and David showed a small group of us around the busy Motionworks workshop'.

Freeman Ron Rose FBHI & Junior Warden Robert Wren FBHI

The tour group gathers outside Gleave & Co in Clerkenwell. © Photo images of the event kindly provided by the Master Dr James Nye.
Freeman Ron Rose FBHI, (left), and Junior Warden Robert Wren FBHI, (right)