Bevis Marks Clock

01 November 2021

This autumn, the Charity was able to fully fund conservation and repair works to the Clock of Bevis Marks Synagogue, where Master Mark H Levy was installed (digitally) as Master in January 2020. 

The clock installation consists of a large, cast brass, weight drive clock movement with an anchor recoil escapement impulsing a seconds pendulum. It drives out to one 2ft diameter, copper convex dial mounted onto a wooden backboard which in turn is fixed to the wrought iron tie-rods that pass behind the large glass frontage/window of the Synagogue.  The clock movement is signed Ellicott & Taylor, Royal Exchange, and would date between 1811 – 1830. 

The motion works, which are the set of gears situated behind the dial that give the 12:1 ratio between the hour and minute hand are attached to the back of the clock movement and without doubt from an earlier clock and by a different maker. 

They are manufactured from wrought iron and have a completely different tooth form and the support brackets, that have been attached to the backplate of the clock movement, have been altered to fit. 

The clock movement has recently been removed from the Synagogue, and is now being fully restored, and fitted with a new auto-regulator and winder.  

WCC Apprentice Callum Scobie-Youngs working on the Bevis Marks Clock