West Dean College

West Dean College is located in a remarkable country house in the depths of rural Sussex, formerly the home of poet and surrealist Edward James. For many years it has provided a range of specialist full-time conservation courses.

In the horology department, students use a well-equipped workshop and have access to the full facilities of the college. Historic clocks are provided for bench practice. Most students are resident at the college and can use the facilities during evenings and weekends. Around eight clock students enrol each year. The courses are validated by Sussex University. The Clockmakers' Company awards an annual prize for excellence at West Dean.

Foundation Degree Arts - Clocks

A two-academic-year practical course which equips students for a potential career in clockmaking, restoration and conservation.

Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies (Clocks and Related Objects)

This one-academic-year programme provides a context for the analysis, assessment and treatment of historic objects. Students learn professional standards of conservation practice as they develop practical and theoretical conservation skills.

Master of Arts in Conservation Studies (Clocks and Related Objects)

This one-calendar-year programme has an international profile for the conservation of clocks and dynamic objects, and provides historical and cultural context for the analysis, assessment and treatment of historic objects. 

Professional Development Diploma in Horology

The content of this one-academic-year course is individually negotiated with a tutor. It is an opportunity to build on previous skills and apply them either to a specific practical project, the development of advanced skills, or research.

To find out more, visit www.westdean.org.uk.

The Clock Workshop, image: Chris Ison