Epping Forest Horology Centre

Epping Forest Horology Centre (EFHC) describes itself as an 'organisation dedicated to the preservation of horological skills through practical and theoretical teaching in a sociable atmosphere'. The centre was first formed in 2005 and has now grown to over 100 members, providing an affordable entry route for new clock and watchmakers, as well as being a place for the more experienced to develop their skills. 

Located in West Essex, the centre has two well-equipped workshops for watch and clockmaking, each with twelve benches. There is also a large machine shop, a library and lecture facilities. 

People joining EFHC range in age from 18 years to over 80. Some are from the trade, but most are dedicated enthusiasts, some of whom use the skills they learn as a stepping-stone into the industry. 

A regular team of five tutors provides afternoon and evening sessions for forty weeks each year along with occasional special short courses for subjects like silver soldering, dial restoration, and the use of a watchmaker’s lathe. Sessions are available offering both structured teaching and informal support to suit all types of learning styles.

For more information, see www.efhc.org.uk.