Course funding

The opportunity to attend a full-time horology course is often dependent on the ability to finance the fees and accommodation. The situation varies between each of the three main institutions.

Birmingham City University

A student who has not attended university previously is likely to be able to access a student loan to assist with the cost of accommodation, books and materials required during the three years. Repayment of tuition fees begins when the course is completed, and income reaches a certain threshold. Many students use savings and seek part-time employment to help fund their period at college. A student who has attended university previously will normally be wholly responsible for the cost.

The British School of Watchmaking

The George Daniels Educational Trust can assist those students who are on the 3,000-hour course, but not sponsored by a watchmaking company, and who are therefore responsible for the cost of their tuition and accommodation. 

West Dean College

The student is expected to meet the cost of tuition and accommodation (if resident). Staff can help students access bursaries from charitable funds managed by the College. The Edward James Foundation, and other charities such as The George Daniels Educational Trust, frequently assist students by paying part of the cost of tuition. Students usually find it necessary to provide a portion of the funding from savings or a loan. Students on the two-year Foundation Degree Arts - Clocks course are eligible for loan funding, but at a lower rate owing to the College's status.