The British School of Watchmaking

A leading watch-servicing and micro-mechanics course has been offered at the British School of Watchmaking, Manchester, since 2006. This was originally a two-year, 3,000-hour course. An 1,800-hour course has subsequently been added. Both are WOSTEP certificated.

The 1,800-hour course offers training in the servicing of quartz and mechanical watches, including automatic watches. The 3,000-hour course additionally includes work on chronographs and other complicated watches, as well as the skills to make small components, stems and balance staffs.

There are presently eight students in each group, giving an excellent staff-to-student ratio. Teaching facilities include well-equipped workshops and training materials provided by the Swiss watch industry. Staff periodically attend courses in Switzerland. Sponsored students are employed and funded by a sponsoring company while private students finance their own attendance. Some financial assistance may be available for private students from the George Daniels Educational Trust - apply through the General Manager, James Robinson. The Clockmakers' Company awards an annual prize for excellence at BSOW.

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