Informal learning and the Clockmakers' Museum

Since 2015, the Clockmakers’ Museum has been proudly displayed at the Science Museum, London.

This partnership ties the Company into the vast learning network of the Science Museum Group (SMG), the world’s leading alliance of science museums, which welcomes over five million visitors each year to its sites in Manchester, Bradford, York, County Durham and London. The Science Museum itself receives more school visits than any other museum in the UK.

SMG is a recognised and crucial part of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics education ecosystem, and works in partnership with educators, employers, funders, government and many others, nationally and internationally.

The next phase of development at the Clockmakers’ Museum includes formalising a learning programme in partnership with SMG, harnessing its reach and, in turn, providing its visitors with unique access to the Company’s expertise, skills and industry networks.

Hands-on workshops, school and college events, expert training, festivals and public programmes form a rich palette of educational resources that the Company will explore and develop. Our programme, as part of SMG’s, aims to inform, inspire and encourage learning in three ways: on-site, through outreach, and online.

The Company shares SMG’s own educational values: of thinking big, revealing wonder, sharing authentic stories, igniting curiosity and being open for all. 

The Clockmakers' Museum