Direct support

There are many opportunities in clock and watchmaking for both employment and self employment. The Clockmakers may possibly be able to offer support, and awards prizes for excellence.

 Direct support

For Schools

The Clockmakers Company supports the Livery Schools Link – a partnership between schools and livery companies. Its mission is ‘to help increase the life chances for all students from all backgrounds’, which we support chiefly by participating in the annual careers showcase event at Guildhall. This is a remarkable opportunity for children to meet watch and clockmakers in person and to gain an insight into both educational and career opportunities. 


The Clockmakers’ Charity might help with funding at any stage of your horological career. For example, if you are at the start, having found employment with a master and are considering an apprenticeship, we may be able to help with funding and mentoring. Or perhaps you are already established, but need help with specialist additional training, especially where you need to travel overseas for a given training course. We have dedicated funds available for this purpose. For further details, or to apply, contact the Clerk.

Another important potential source of funding for students of watch and clockmaking is the George Daniels Educational Trust – a charitable trust established under the will of Past Master George Daniels, who was one of our most eminent members.


The Clockmakers Company includes members with lifelong experience in every aspect of horology, whether at the bench, running a business, or curating a museum collection. It offers its Freemen and Liverymen excellent networking opportunities to assist in advancing their education or career in horology.

Prizes and Awards

The Company believes in promoting the highest standards in education, and each year typically rewards excellence through the award of prizes to the best achieving students on the horology courses at:

A successful candidate for the journeyman certificate
The Poole Cup being awarded. © BHI 2020