John Bromley’s “The Clockmakers’ Library”

This Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers is taken from John Bromley’s “The Clockmakers’ Library” (Sotheby Parke Bernet London & New Jersey, 1977 ISBN 0 85667 033 2, now out of print). The numbers at the beginning of each entry are those from John Bromley’s book. Entries in Bromley’s book are frequently more detailed than those given below.

The Manuscript (MS) numbers given are those of Guildhall Library, where the documents are held and are made available for bona fide research, under supervision.

Some especially rare or delicate documents may not be available to the public except by arrangement, or may be available on microfilm instead. Manuscripts may also be temporarily unavailable if they are withdrawn for conservation. Readers are asked to check with Guildhall Library for the availability and the specific contents of manuscripts in advance of a visit.

The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers regrets that it does not have the staff to carry out detailed research on behalf of correspondents, though it will try its best to give initial advice. It is unfortunately not possible to photocopy manuscripts.

902. Clockmakers’ Company Court Minute Books, 1632-1933. 14 Vols. MS 2710
903. Rough Court Minute Books,1637-56, 1673-1812. 12 Vols. MS2711
904. Master’s Court Agenda Book 1846-49, 1857-97. 9 Vols. MS 2712
905. Junior Assistant’s Court Agenda Book 1813-16, 1846-49,  1858-89.  8 Vols MS2713
906. Clerk’s Court Agenda Book, 1811-12, 1846-49, 1858-81, 1884-91, 1899-1906.  9 Vols. MS 271
907.  Receipts at Court Searches, meetings, audits, etc., 1671-76, 1688-93, 1709-16,       1732-1907 9 Vols. MS 715
908.  Renter Warden’s Accounts, 1836, 1843-51, 1861-77. 27 Vols. MS 2716
909.  Freemen’s Admission Book, 1712-1916. 4 Vols. MS2717
910.  Freemen’s enrolment or conformity book 1728-1911 5 vols. MS2718
911.  Alphabetical Register, showing date of admission to livery, profession,   residence and offices filled, 1766-1809. MS2719
912.  Chronological register of liverymen, 1777-1912, with addresses, occupations and offices held. Indexed. MS2719A
913.  Alphabetical register of freedom admissions with offices held, 1767-1878.        MS2719B
914. List of Apprentices, with index 1760-1890 2 Vols. MS2720
915.  Register of Apprentices 1694 – 1861. 2 Vols MS2721
916.  Register of turnover apprentices, 1771-1808. MS2722
917.  Quarterage Books, 1698-1705, 1745-51, 1771-1808, 1819-50. 7 Vols. MS2723
918.  Collecting books for the collection of quarterage, arranged in topographical walks. 1774-83, 1785-86,. 12 vols. MS2724
919. Printed list of those liable to quarterage 1822. MS 6436
920. Schedule of walks for the collection of quarterage. 1800. 3 vols. MS 2725
921.  Certificates issued to clock and watch makers qualified to practice 1813-23 MS 2726
922. Minutes of the proceedings of the committee … for the suppression of  malpractices  in the trade. 2 vols. 1808-15
923.  Minute book of the Committee appointed relative to the illicit introduction of foreign clocks and watches. 1814-19 MS2728
924.  Minutes of the Committee appointed 2 Sept 1816, for the affairs of freemen and apprentices, relating to Richard B. Bate 1816-17 MS2729
925.  Extract from the Minutes 1701-4 of the Quarterly Court relating to the administration of the gift of Charles Gretton, with a copy of the indenture establishing the Trust, 1701 and the accounts 1702-1847. MS 2730.
926.  Declaration from the “professors of the art and mystery of clock and watch making” asking for the support of the Company against the evils arising from the importation of foreign watches, Nov. 1780. MS 2731.
927. A list of all clockmakers, both free men and farreners, alians and outliers, 26th June 1662 bound with extracts from Court Minutes 1632-1787 by Edward Tutet.. MS 2732
928.  List of invitations to the Livery to dine at the Michaelmas Quarter Court 1837-45.  MS2733
929.  Persons invited to the Stewards’ feast 1732-56, 1759; and lists of Masters, Wardens and Courts of Assistants, 1759, 1761, 1764-73. MS 2734.
930.  Lists of Freemen, 1700-1771. MS 2735.
931.  Declaration of freemen and liverymen, 1882-1926. MS 3334
932. Lists of Apprentices 1632-96, freemen 1632-94, compiled c.1700. Stewards 1639-96, compiled c. 1700. Masters 1717-84, compiled c. 1784. Apprentices who had not taken the freedom, c. 1700, Members paying quarterage, with trades and residences, c.1742. 246 clock and watchmakers in or near the City of London 1782. MS 3939.
933.  A folio volume of papers relating to patents, hallmarks and foreign importations 1687-1842. 161 items. MS 3940
934. Titles of patents relating to clocks, watches and chronometers, 1661-1857. MS 3940A
935.  A volume containing deeds and documents relating to charities, gifts to the Company for the poor, and financial matters 1678 – 1817. 66 items. MS 3941.
936.  A volume containing copies of the Charter, Bye-laws, acts of Common Council and documents and papers relating to the establishment and regulation of the Company, also grants of livery, 1631-1817. 52 items  MS3942.
937.  A volume containing a collection of documents and papers chiefly relating to other companies making clocks and watches. 1672-1860. 103 items MS 3943.
938.  A volume containing papers and correspondence relating to foreign importations. 1807-52. 93 items. MS 3944
939.  A volume containing documents and correspondence relating to taxes and import duties on clocks and watches. 1787 – 98. 32 items. MS3945.
940.  Contemporary copy of the Charter or Incorporation, 1631. MS 3946.
941.  Bye-laws of the Company 1631/32. MS 3946A
942.  A volume relating to the payment of quarterage, 1700-1818. 23 items MS 3947.
943.  Charter of Incorporation, 1631. MS 6430.
944.  Ratification of bye-laws, August 1632, with later supplementary bye-law.  MS 6431
945.  Copy of the Charter and bye-laws,1631 & 1632, together with an Act of Common Council regulating the Company, 1765. MS 3948.
946.  Copies of documents relating to founding the Company, c.1828. MS 3949.
947.  Copies of the Charter, bye-laws, together with a list of Masters, 1632 – 1716, Wardens 1632 – 1712 and Assistants 1631 – 97, formerly belonging to Francis Speidell, Clerk of the Company (1717). MS 3950
948.  A volume containing petitions to Parliament and other documents and correspondence relating to the importation, exportation and seizure of watches. 1717 – 1718. 83 items. MS3951.
949.  A volume containing miscellaneous papers relating to the binding of apprentices, paying of quarterage, patents, inventions, and seizing of watches and movements 1699 – 1717. 14 items. MS 3952.
950.  Copy of the bye-laws of 1631/2 with index. 18th century. MS3953
951.  Report of the committee appointed to obtain counsel’s opinion on the powers contained in the Charter etc., for compelling clockmakers in and around London to become members of the Company, 1796. MS 3954
952.  Copy of the Charter of 1631. Mid 18th century. MS 3955
953.  Brief notes on the history of the Company, 1778 – 1790. MS 3956
954.  A list of freemen, denoting those admitted to or excused from the livery, 1767 – 1813. MS 3957
955.  A list of freemen who pay quarterage, but who are not on the livery, with notes of addresses, trades, and financial status. 1811. MS 3958
956.  223 freemen who pay quarterage with trades and some addresses, 1811 – 1817.  MS3959
957.  List of freemen 1811 – 1897. MS 3960.
958.  A list of 286 persons carrying on trade as clock and watchmakers, with addresses, drawn up by Benjamin Vulliamy, 1782. MS 3961.
959.  Topographical list of clock and watchmakers with addresses in London, together with a short list of members of the Company resident in the provinces, America, Gibraltar, Antigua, Guernsey, Jamaica and Barbados. C. 1813. MS3962.
960.  A list of watch case, pendant and glass makers, joint-finishers, springers and line gilders and coverers; with names of their Masters. Early 19th century. MS 3963.
961.  A folio volume containing memoranda, descriptions, observations and correspondence relating to a variety of matters, mostly mechanical, collected by Alexander Cumming 1766-1812.35 items. MS 3964.
962. Library Committee: book of receipts and expenditure 1814 – 29 MS 3965
963.  Library Committee: loan issue book 1819 – 1842. MS 3966
964. Library Committee: Minute Book 2 July 1814 – 12th December 1836. MS 3967
965.  Library Committee: Reports and books added 1814 – 1819. MS 3968.
966.  A table or index of several petitions and orders of the Court of Aldermen about obtaining a Clockmakers’ Charter 1629 – 33. Compiled c. 1808. MS 3969
967.  Grant of Arms of the Company 31 January MS 3970.
968.  Sundry papers of 1816 – 17 dealing with Court matters and charitable awards.
969.  Letters connected with the everyday running of the Company 1832 – 1930.  MS 3988.
970.  Clerks letter books 1808 – 56 and 1879 – 1921. 4 vols. MS 10554.
971.  List of freemen, 1631 – 1896. Compiled c. 1900. Photocopy. MS 11568 Harrison, John 1693 – 1776: MSS and printed sources.
972.  MS dated 7 April 1763 in three parts: “An explanation of my watch or timekeeper for the longitude”, “A description of the nature…. Of balances … as found.. in my third machine” with additions to both parts. MS 3972/1
973.  Various essays, remarks and calculations by John Harrison and his son William.   MS 3972/2
974.  Mechanical notes and drawings compiled John and William Harrison,  c. 1726 – 72. MS 3972/3
975.  Journal 1761 – 66 relating to the testing of John Harrison’s chronometer,  possibly compiled by Walter Williams c. 1766. Photocopy. MS 3972/A
976.  Volume containing papers, documents, correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper cuttings, Acts of Parliament concerning John Harrison, collected by Alexander Cumming c. 1763 – 74. 25 items. MS 3973.
977.  MS describing and illustrating Harrison’s basic designs and calculations for the construction of his precision clocks of c. 1726 and for his proposed “sea-clock”, June 1730. The text of this document was printed in the Horological Journal July 1950 pp 448-450 and August 1950,  pp 504-506. MS 6026/1.
978.  As 977, a photocopy.
979.  Statements, letters, printed documents connected with the sea trials of  Harrison’s timekeepers. 1750 – 73. MS 6026/2
980.  Typed copy of the above. MS 6026/2A
981.  Letters relating to the dispersal of John Harrison’s family relics. 1836 – 76. MS 6026A.
982.  Deeds relating to William Harrison FRS (1729-8 – 1815) 1783 – 1814. MS 9074
983.  Historical facts showing the rise and progress of the Clockmakers’ Company, including a list of all clockmakers in the City of London Dated June 26th 1662.  Compiled by Henry Clarke, c.1813. MS 3974.
984.  Abstracts of and index to the Journals of the ordinances, orders and public acts of the Clockmakers’ Company 1632 – 1816. Compiled 1813-16. MS 3975.
985.  Abstracts from the bye-laws and ordinances of the Clockmakers’ Company c, 1813. Compiled by Henry Clarke. MS 3976.
986.  Directory of clock and watch makers, also of workmen and shopkeepers, dated London 4th November 1813. MS3977.
987.  Alphabetical list of streets in the parish of St. Marylebone, with their lengths (c. 1825 ?) MS 3978.
988.  Two calculations by Benjamin L. Vulliamy, for the rate of going of a clock for Lowther Castle (1813 – 1814) and for Colombo ( 1814 – 1815) MS 3979.
989. Instructions by B.L. Vulliamy for fixing a turret clock made by him for Colombo. March 1815. MS 3980.
990.  Twelve ink drawings of clock and watch escapements by W. Howells c. 1815,   including a copy of a letter written by H. Sully c. 1724. MS 3981
991.  An anonymous handwritten book, probably compiled by a dealer, copying items from books and magazines related to horology. London 1821. 28p. MS 3982.
992.  Copies of letters on the subject of turret clocks between John Holmes, John Smeaton and Rev. W. Ludlam, relating to the provision of a clock for Greenwich Hospital. 1779-80. MS 3983.
993.  An account of John Smith taken from “Antrinitarian Biography” by Robert Wallace, London 1850. MS 3984.
994.  Copy from the Journal of the House of Commons of a report dated 29th April 1793 relating to Thomas Mudge. c. 1821. MS 3985.
995.  Brief account of the present and ancient state of China and its inhabitants.  Written in the form of letters. C. 1753 (?) MS 3986.
996.  Catalogue of specimens of ancient watchwork, belonging to the Clock makers Company, 1849, by Samuel Elliott Atkins., with additions to 1874. MS 3987 &  3987A.
997.  Two lists of books on clock and watch work belonging to Mr. Arnold and “F.P. Jun.” (Francis Perigal) , January 1814. MS 3988A
998.  A workmans ticket to Benjamin Vulliamy concerning a watch dial, dated 28th March 1778 and a watch tax receipt dated April 1798. MS 3988B.
999.  Late 17th century, early 18th century clockmaker’s notebook, probably compiled by Humfrey Hadley (d. 1770) of Birmingham. MS 6619.
1000. A group of business records relating to Thwaites and Reed, formerly Ainsworth Thwaites & Co., beginning 1780. Numerous MS numbers, beginning MS 6788. [Please note that these records are not indexed. Neither are clocks and watches listed by the numbers which frequently appear on the dials and backplates of surviving examples.]
1035.  Letter from Thomas Mudge Junior, to George, 2nd Earl Spencer, relating to the claim for a government award by his father, Thomas Mudge Snr., dated 12th  June 1795.
1036.  Specification for enrolment in the Court of Chancery by John Arnold… upon a patent dated 2 May 1782. MS 9473A
1037.  Counterpart lease by the Cutlers’ Company to the Clockmakers’ of the former’s hall in Cloak Lane for meetings. 7 July 1707. MS 10501.
1038.  Records of two suits in the Court of Common Pleas: 1. Clockmakers’ Company v. John Coward, 2. The Company v. Thomas Richards for non-payment of quarterage. 1796-97. MS 10502.
1039-40. Business records relating to Daniel Desbois and Sons, 1853 – 1945.     MSS. 14284 & 14285.
1041.  Two stock Books of a clock and watch maker, (perhaps William Connell) 1847-1902. 2 vols. MS 14373.
1042.  Account book of an unidentified clock and watchmaker (possibly William Connell) recording costs of components and payments to workmen 1862 – 99.  MS 14374.
1043.  Daybook of William Turner of Fenchurch Street,  1834 – 1841. MS 14469.
1044.  Watch books of William Birch, successor to William Turner (above)1840-1920. 5 vols. MS 14470.
1045 onwards. A group of business Records relating to Victor Kullberg  beginning 1857 and ending  1928. MSS 14537 – 14554.
1063.  Job order book of E. Sills, watch and chronometer finisher 1901-43 2 Vols (part of Kullberg archive) MS 14555
1064.  Notes on watch repair with a covering letter to Prof. David Torrens. 1935 MS 14556.
1065.  Lecture notes, examination questions and extracts from books relating to watchmaking, possibly compiled by Heinrich Otto 1875-1966. 7 vols. MS 14557.
1066. Joseph Preston & Sons, watch clock and chronometer makers of Prescot, Lancashire. Vol. Containing descriptions of parts and their manufacture.  c. 1890 – 95. MS 14558.
1067.  Pass book for Parr’s Bank (part of Kullberg Archive) 1907 – 12. MS 14559
1068.  J. Barnsdale and Son, London. Order and repair books, 1881 – 1921. 2 vols.   MS  14784.
1069.  C. Lupton, watchmaker, London. Marine chronometer rating book, mainly 1850 – 51, but extending to 1872. MS 14785.
1070.  Francis Buckley: List of lost watches of London watchmakers 1763-1804, list of Liverpool horologists, compiled c. 1930.
1071.  Francis Buckley and George B. Buckley: list of references in 18th century newspapers to London watch and clock makers. Compiled c. 1934. MS 3338.
1072.  Francis Bucklet & G. B. Buckley: list of British watch and clockmakers working outside London. Compiled 1937.
1073.  Charles Hobson, clock restorer of Hove, Sussex. Photocopies of workshop notes and diagrams of clocks by notable makers. C. 1940-68. MS 14917
1074.  Charles Hobson (see above) further photocopied notes and diagrams c. 1940-68. MS 14918.
1075.  Photographs and photocopies of Charles Hobson in his workshop. MS 14919.
1076.  Col. Humphrey Quill: explanation in typescript of repeating and striking mechanism by Thomas Tompion and George Graham. Diagrams by E.A. Ayres. 1969. MS 14921.
1077. Jump Family, clockmakers. A scrapbook of letters, photographs, warrants etc. 1785-1926. MS 15189.

Please remember that this list is the copyright of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and may not be reproduced without the Company’s written permission.

Guildhall Library holds a number of other manuscripts of horological significance, which are not the property of the Clockmakers’ Company and are therefore not listed here.

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