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Following the reorganisation of the Guildhall Library, most of the archive and manuscript collections and archive services for the City of London are now concentrated at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) in Clerkenwell, a mile north east of Guildhall Library.

Guildhall Library houses the libraries of the Clockmakers’ Company and the Antiquarian Horological Society … more >>
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However Clockmakers’ Company manuscripts and archives (N.B. this listing is taken from pages 33 to 36 of the recently published book “City of London Livery Companies and Related Organisations – A Guide to their Archives in Guildhall Library”), along with all other City of London Livery Company archives, will continue to be housed and consulted at Guildhall Library.

There are also two other similar listings of the Clockmakers’ Company manuscripts and archives, one created in 2007 entitled Livery Company Membership Guide and the other extracted from John Bromley’s “The Clockmakers’ Library”. They both provide much the same information but in marginally different formats, and added notes and guidance which you might find helpful. We will endeavour to simplify these listings in due course.

You can also access archive listings of other Livery Companies.

Catalogues of the Livery Company records held by the City of London have recently been loaded on to the LMA electronic catalogue. You can search online >>

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New 88 page edition of “The Clockmakers of London” now published by Sir George White, with substantially revised text and a large number of stunning new illustrations. Read more about it  …. & you can buy it for £15 on this link.

Training to be a Clockmaker?

If you are looking for information about the training opportunities for a career in clock and watchmaking, see A HELPING HAND FOR STUDENTS Further details can be obtained from clerk@clockmakers.org

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

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