Officers of the Company

The Clerk: is the executive officer of the Company and supported by the Assistant Clerk is responsible for all administrative matters deputed to him by the Court, its Committees and Advisory Panels. The Clerk is usually in attendance at all Committees.

Beadle: The Company does not currently have its own Beadle. Where necessary Beadles from other Companies are employed.

The Keeper of the Library and Collection: Past Master Sir George White Bt served as Keeper, responsible for the Company’s collection of books, clocks and watches, for more than 30 years but did not seek re-election in 2018. The Museum was for many years housed at Guildhall in the City but has now moved to The Science Museum. A new Curator, Anna Rolls, was appointed in September 2018.

Honorary Librarian: a post held, by custom, by the Director of Libraries and Archives, at Guildhall, who is directly responsible to his own Chairman of the Library Committee of the Corporation. The City of London Corporation, by joint agreement, is responsible for housing the Clockmakers Library at Guildhall and for its security.

The Keeper of the Silver:- an honorary post appointed by the Court and responsible for the Company’s Silver and Regalia.

The Master’s Chaplain:- The Reverend Hugh Bearn was appointed Master’s Chaplain in 2010.  Hugh is a Freeman of the Clockmakers’ Company; an old Anselmian and former military chaplain; Vicar of St. Anne’s Parish Church, Tottington, and Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen.

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The Clockmakers of London

New 88 page edition of “The Clockmakers of London” now published by Sir George White, with substantially revised text and a large number of stunning new illustrations. Read more about it  …. & you can buy it for £15 on this link.

Training to be a Clockmaker?

If you are looking for information about the training opportunities for a career in clock and watchmaking, see A HELPING HAND FOR STUDENTS Further details can be obtained from clerk@clockmakers.org

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers