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Other events and things you might like to know about :

THE LONDON CULTURESEEKERS GROUP – Explore London’s history and culture whilst making new friends!

BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE – Cultural Events – Talks, Walks, Debates, Literature, Music

THE CITY LIVERY CLUB has moved. It is a convivial and modern Club looking onto the River Thames and enjoying a Club Room, restaurant and bar all overlooking the River, situated on the north bank of the Thames, next to Southwark Bridge and opposite the FT building. Meeting rooms and other facilities are also available. The front entrance is located by the river on the Thames Path. There is a second entrance from Bell Wharf Lane. There is easy access by tube train and bus. The nearest tube stations are Cannon Street and Mansion House. Full Membership is open to Liverymen and Freemen of all the City Livery Companies.

FREE CLASSICAL MUSIC RECITALS at St Dunstan-in-the-West on Wednesdays from 1.15 pm to 2.00 pm. Select & click Services & Events

CITY OF LONDON BOARD GAME is an exciting contest of discovery, chance, suspense and fun for 2 – 4 players aged 10+. To win, you must either be the cleverest Sheriff to reach the Mansion House to become Lord Mayor of the City of London, or have achieved greater wisdom on your own or with other Sheriffs. First, use your resources, knowledge and skill to represent five City Wards, rising in status from Freeman to Sheriff. Then the challenge is on to become Lord Mayor, travelling a winding route through the City, watching out for hazards and other Sheriffs on the way – they try to stop you achieving your Mayoral ambition! Can you reach the Mansion House with the right credentials? Finally, the Lord Mayor travels at the double from Guildhall along the Lord Mayor’s Show procession route, and beyond, to pursue and deflect any opponents – or be defeated at the last moment by faster, cleverer, rivals!

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Clockmakers’ Museum on Bridgeman site

The Clockmakers' Museum now has its own dedicated page on the new Bridgeman Art Library web-site, showing details of many items in our collection ... click the link to view

John Harrison at Leeds City Museum

Ships, Clocks & Stars : the Quest for Longitude

at The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich from 11th July 2014 to 4th January 2015. All info on this link.

Younger WCC please note!

Click this link for the "Younger Inter-Livery web-site" run by the Pewterers' Company - exciting events & fun for younger members of WCC! There's also a link on Facebook.

George Daniels Educational Trust

Encouraging excellence & financially assisting apprentices & students, with grants & bursaries for training in horology

Training to be a Clockmaker?

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers