The Master’s Medal

The Master’s Medal is in the personal gift of The Master.   It is awarded for any exceptional and worthy reason that the Master may deem fit. It is expected that it is usually awarded to a member of the Clockmakers’ Company. It does not have to be awarded every year. 

2004 … Awarded to Liveryman John Wilding.   His lifetime achievements in the promotion and teaching of clockmaking and restoration were celebrated at the WCC Annual Banquet in November 2004 when the Lord Mayor, Sir Robert Finch presented him with the Master’s Medal.

2005 … Awarded to Past Master Christopher Clarke, Chairman of Hester Clarke, the family-owned independent jewellers in Aylesbury, in recognition of the significant contribution that he had made as Chairman of the re-formed Clockmakers’ Museum and Educational Trust.

2006 … Awarded to Liveryman Tina Millar.  Tina was Director of Watches at Sotheby’s. The Master presented the Master’s Medal to her for outstanding service to the Company over many years as a Trustee and as Editor of “The Clockmaker” newsletter.

2008 … Awarded to Past Master Philip Willoughby for outstanding support to the Company over many years as Treasurer.

2009 … Awarded to Liveryman Dr John Taylor, Hon FBHI, for his outstanding loyalty and support to the Company, and to celebrate his exceptional personal achievements over many years.

2009… Awarded to Lt Cdr Tom Sharpe RN for his outstanding leadership while in temporary command of HMS Endurance during an incident in the Antarctic.

2010 … Awarded to Freeman Peter Bonnert FBHI for exemplary services to horology.

2013 … Awarded to Past Master Richard Cope FGA for outstanding and dedicated service to and support for the Company over many years.

2014 … Awarded to Court Assistant Lawrance Hurst in recognition of his dedicated and long service to the Clockmakers’ Museum & Educational Trust.

2015… Awarded to Court Assistant Joanna Migdal (Lady White) for her work for the Company over many years, specifically her valued and valuable assistance to the Keeper of the Collection, Past Master Sir George White.

2016 … Awarded to Past Master Mark Elliott FCA for his involvement with and contribution to the running of the Company, specifically his continuous oversight of the financial affairs of the Company and the Charity.

2017 … Awarded to Court Assistants Richard Bourne and Sir Keith Stuart for their continuous and rigorous oversight over many years of the Company and Charity investment portfolios through the Investment Panel and the appointed investment managers.

2018 … Awarded to the Master’s Mistress Mrs Phyllida James for her unfailing support to and, at times, representation of, the Master at Company, Livery and City  functions in the latter half of the year; the Master’s ability to meet all commitments being curtailed through illness.

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The Clockmakers of London

New 88 page edition of “The Clockmakers of London” now published by Sir George White, with substantially revised text and a large number of stunning new illustrations. Read more about it  …. & you can buy it for £15 on this link.

Training to be a Clockmaker?

If you are looking for information about the training opportunities for a career in clock and watchmaking, see A HELPING HAND FOR STUDENTS Further details can be obtained from clerk@clockmakers.org

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) Lectures

A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS. WCC Liverymen and Freemen are encouraged to attend the excellent AHS Lectures, which are free to WCC members and include teas before and wine afterwards, so are very social and interesting events. List of forthcoming lectures in London is on the AHS site.

National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers